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Do you have questions like- where to advertise and when to advertise ? What size/volume to be advertised ? What should be the budget of advertisement ? Who are the customers to be targeted ? We have the best solutions for you. We offer media planning services in Rohtak, helping businesses to  get maximum mileage and reach within the minimum budget.We specialize in strategy building, planning and integrating the right mix of different ad media spectrums that delivers maximum results at the best possible price.Check out all possible media options for your city below and get in touch with us for expert assistance.

Top Media Coverage Area in Rohtak



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Rohtak Demographics

Rohtak Demographics

Top Traget Locations in Rohtak


  • Ahulana
  • Ajaib
  • Anaj Mandi Jind
  • Anwali
  • Arya Nagar Jhajjar
  • Asan
  • Assandah
  • Asthal Bohar
  • Atail
  • Aval
  • Badli
  • Bahadurgar
  • Bahadurgarh
  • Bahadurgarh Mandi
  • Bahadurgrh
  • Bahlba
  • Bahu Akbarpur
  • Bainsi
  • Baland
  • Baliana
  • Barahi
  • Barain
  • Barhana
  • Barota
  • Basana
  • Beri
  • Bhadani
  • Bhagwatipur
  • Bhalaut
  • Bhani Chanderpal
  • Bhani Surjan
  • Bhanyani
  • Bhaprauda
  • Bholi Anandpur
  • Bhupani
  • Bidhal Pinana
  • Bindhana
  • Birdhana
  • Birohar
  • Bohar
  • Bus Stand Rohtak
  • Chandi
  • Chaushala
  • Chhara
  • Chimni
  • Chirana
  • Chiri
  • Chuliana
  • D L F Colony Rohtak
  • Daura Raja
  • Dhakala
  • Dhamar
  • Dighal
  • Dobaldhan
  • Dobh
  • Dujana
  • Dulhera
  • Durga Bhawan Rohtk
  • Escort Nagar
  • Farmana
  • G K Singhpur
  • Gandhi Camp Rohtak
  • Gangana
  • Garhwal
  • Gharauthi
  • Glwana
  • Gochhi
  • Gorawar
  • Hamayunpur
  • Hassangarh
  • Industrial Area
  • Ismaila
  • Jahangirpur
  • Jassia
  • Jauli
  • Jhajar
  • Jhajjar
  • Jhalri
  • Jhazgarh
  • Kahnaur
  • Kalanaur
  • Kalinga
  • Kanak Mandi Rohtak
  • Kanaunda
  • Kansala
  • Katesra
  • Kathura
  • Katwal
  • Khanda
  • Kharainti
  • Kharak Kalan
  • Kharawal
  • Kharhar
  • Kharkhera
  • Kharontha
  • Kheri Kumar
  • Kheri Sadh
  • Khidwali
  • Khudan
  • Kiloi
  • Kohla
  • Kultana
  • Lahli
  • Lakhan Majra
  • Lath
  • M P Majra
  • Machhrauli
  • Madiana
  • Madina
  • Main Bazar
  • Maina
  • Majra
  • Makrauli Kalan
  • Mandothi
  • Matan
  • Medical College
  • Meham
  • Mehmoodpur
  • Mehrana
  • Model Town Rohtak
  • Morkhra
  • Nehru College
  • Nidana
  • Nigana
  • Nilauthi
  • Noona Majra
  • Paksma
  • Pilana
  • Rabhra
  • Ritauli
  • Rohad
  • Rohtak
  • Rohtak Mandi
  • Rohtak Town
  • Rukhi
  • Rurki
  • Saman
  • Samargopalpur
  • Samchana
  • Sampla
  • Sanghi
  • Sawan
  • Sewana
  • Shivaji Colony Rohtak
  • Silana
  • Silani Gate Jhajjar
  • Sisana
  • Sisar Khas
  • Subana
  • Sugar Mill Rohtak
  • Sunari Kalan
  • Talao
  • Tandaheri
  • Titauli
  • Vaish High Schl Rohtak


Media Coverage Locations Demographics

Which media is good for which audience?


With the rising competition in the media industry in India, cities like Rohtak have excessive rivalry amongst brands, be it from the small sector or a company listed in the top ten. Strategy building, planning and integrating the right mix of different ad media helps to deliver maximum results at lowest possible price. Determining annual goals and strategies regularly throughout the year since media consumption is fluid in nature.

Our world class research techniques, help to determine the most desired audience and the type of media that they engage with the most. For big companies, the theatre advertising campaigns work well since the rich crowd is willing to spend on performing arts and entertainment is well appreciated in this city. This is how we work on media planning of a campaign; we 'plan' advertising campaigns that reach intended audiences, with the minimum amount of wastage.

Small or medium sized firms with a fixed budget have to be realistic with their media choices. releaseMyAd@Rohtak helps you develop the most suitable Media Plan for your brand, keeping your target audience in mind. For a city like Rohtak, even after being so developed, a majority of the population still find the newspaper the most trustworthy medium for campaigns. This gives a great opportunity to the smaller sectors as it suits the sales interests. releaseMyAd@Rohtak helps you advertise through Newspapers, Radio, Magazines and the Internet in the most strategically efficient way.

We specialise in strategy building, planning and integrating the right mix of different ad media spectrums that delivers maximum results at the best possible price. We efficiently utilise each penny of our clients investment to get targeted media opportunities for them. We work with a range of clients from different sectors, with different objectives and budget to place ad globally, nationally or locally.